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In May 08, we joined our dear friends Bob and Kay on a cruise to the Mediterranean. I don't know why, but somehow, I started taking a photograph of each toilet used during the trip.

I think it started by taking a photo of the modern bathroom at our first hotel. And there was the "splash shield" on the fixture at Harry's Bar, which was photo worthy. Soon, it just spiraled out of control. Pretty soon, I had to make sure that I had one of my cameras, usually my little Canon SD1000 "Mini-Cam", whenever I went to the John.

Some of the shots were difficult to get, as it's kind of weird to be taking photos in crowded public bathrooms. Another challenge were the "bathroom nazis" in Turkey who directed women into the men's room, while the men were using it, to increase the "throughput" of the system. Oh, yeah . . . that was interesting. Anyway, here is some of my best work.
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